The Past 3 Years Have Been Quite a Roller Coaster!

When I opened my amputee outpatient clinic, Palanca, on January 4, 2018, I never would have guessed the turns and loops my life would take to bring me to where I am today.

My name is Cosi Belloso.  I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, a violinist, a runner, physical therapist, and a recent breast cancer survivor.

I have been involved in health care since I was 14 years old when I started as an American Red Cross volunteer at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Ft Sam Houston, Texas.  In the 3+ decades since then, I went on to graduate from Florida International University with my Masters in Physical Therapy. 

For the past 18+ years, I have had very rich experience working in the different specialties of physical therapy including: 

  • trauma ICU
  • spinal cord injury
  • pediatrics
  • transplant
  • orthopedics
  • cardiac care
  • burn trauma
  • wound care

Working with complicated cases and pathologies is something I have always had a passion for doing. It has allowed me to help those who have gone through a life changing health crisis regain a part of their lives through physical therapy.

After beating breast cancer in 2016, I made the decision to open my own clinic so that I could focus on helping my favorite patient population, amputees.  Since then, I have had the honor of continuing to help amputees of all levels and different walks of life regain their mobility. Whether it’s learning to walk in their community with their prosthesis, or get back to running races with a blade, it has been an enriching 3+ years of my life and I haven’t looked back!

Cosi Talks is a live show every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST where I answer all questions about recovery from limb loss.  This show has proven to be such a blessing for me.  To be able to reach those who do not have access to my clinic here in Tampa and provide education, information, and empowerment has been one of the most rewarding moments of my career.

If you have been with me since my first broadcast or if you have just started listening in, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and to assist you with your journey.