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Are you wondering where you should start? Me too! Whenever I have purchased a fitness program, I am always excited to start exploring the links and videos, but ultimately, I end up asking myself “what comes first?”

Please understand this video series is meant to support your fitness program. If you are starting out your journey in recovering from amputation, I have to mention there is no substitute for a good physical therapist.  Part of my work is helping folks to understand the benefits of receiving a proper rehabilitation program.

That being said, these exercise videos, while designed to be a fitness program, were written by a physical therapist (me!).  Therefore, the structure and language are similar as to what you may already be hearing (hopefully) from your PT.  Use these videos as a support to go along with your physical therapy program.  Bring your device with you to your PT sessions and you’ll see your PT’s eyes light up because they will be able to indicate to you which exercises are best suited for you at this point in time!

For those of you who have already been through physical therapy, these videos make for a great refresher course.  You will probably recognize many of the exercises presented here. This is your chance to continue on your path to improving your mobility and confidence with your prosthesis. More importantly, these videos will help you continue to reach your goals with mobility after traditional therapy is completed.